Examples of Past Projects

The Habitat Project

This project focuses on those in the community who need home renovations and/or repairs. These projects might encompass new construction or working on an existing structure. Some recent examples are: building a wheelchair ramp for a home-bound handicapped person, constructing stairs and an entry deck on a mobile home for an elderly couple, repairing leaky roofs and walls for a family, repairing a rotted bathroom floor and resetting the fixtures.

Groups selecting the Habitat Project must bring hand tools (A What to Bring tool list necessary for this type project will be included in your information and sent to you when you reserve your dates). Ladders will be provided at job site. At least one person in your group for each of your habitat project sites needs to be knowledgeable in basic carpentry and capable of using power hand tools. If there is no one in your group who is knowledgeable in basic building skills, let us know ASAP… prior to your arrival. Your group may want to sign up for a Helping Hands Project (See Type B) or choose another type project that does not require building.

The Helping Hands Project

This project is designed for the many youth groups who want to organize a mission project helping a family or individual with home repairs, but do not have a chaperone with the necessary carpentry & painting skills or tools.

Mission Team coordinators will provide all tools and an instructor to teach your group basic carpentry and/or painting skills while guiding your group through a home repair project.

The Humanitarian Project

This project focuses on personal interaction with families and inter-generational contact with the elderly. House painting, weatherproofing, landscaping and light cleaning present wonderful opportunities to develop personal interaction with those needing your help.

Groups selecting the Humanitarian Project must bring painting tools (A What to Bring painting tool list will be included in your information and sent to you when you reserve your dates). Ladders will be provided at job site. Your group does not need anyone skilled in painting to participate in this project.

The Interactive Project

This project focuses on the bonding that naturally occurs between two groups meeting and interacting for the first time. Local organizations we visit include Senior Centers, Family Crisis Centers, Food Banks, Thrift Shops, Vacation Bible Schools, and an industrial opportunities facility for physically challenged adults and youth. Examples of activities utilized to encourage unity and overall interaction are performing skits, mini concerts with guitars, group games, storytelling, dancing, singing, puppet ministry, and developing mentoring relationships in computer classrooms. After visits to local Senior Centers, our team is often called upon to assist an elderly person with a project at their home such as clearing brush, cleaning windows, cleaning out gutters, etc.

The Environmental Education Project

This project focuses on educational awareness of the mountain forests bordering our mission camp. These projects involve rehabilitation and maintenance of stream banks, hiking and bicycle trails, experimental tree sites, campgrounds, land reclamation, and erosion control. A geographical and historical overview of the Southern Appalachians is included in the Environmental Education Project day. Some of these projects include moderate hiking. A special component to the environmental education project might be working deep in the forest around the Appalachian Homestead clearing brush from trails while building foot paths with bridges and steps. If your group is scheduled for this they will experience what it was like for early settlers working around their homestead to make their basic necessities more accessible to them. All tools and equipment are provided. A small list of personal items (gloves, safety glasses, water bottles, sunscreen, etc.) you will need to bring if you choose an Environmental type project will be included in the information sent to you when you reserve your dates.

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